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Porfolio – Veronika

Veronika loves to make broken websites better and help new businesses hit the ground running with a great online presence. She will sweetly let you know if your proposed branding inspires her or makes her eyes roll. If you find her asking for your banana peels, it’s just because she’s trying to keep her red wiggler worms healthy and fed so they will keep making rich compost for all the lovely plants you see at CSI Annex. View some of her work below. 


Here are some other sites that Veronika has operated on: (WordPress) – SEO (Weebly)  – Content, Structure, and SEO (Weebly) – Cosmetic Package (Drupal) – Various Fixes – Original Site – (HTML) – Content and Navigation – Original Site (WordPress) – New Site Delivery – Original site – Updates – Updates – (WordPress) – New Site Delivery and Maintenance

Eagletron and TrackerCam – Maintenance